Eliane Umuhire is a Rwandan actress based in France.

She recently joined the 2021 edition of Berlinale Talents. Selected from over 3000 applicants from 123 countries,

Eliane is best known for her starring role in the polish drama Birds are singing in Kigali (Ptaki spiewaja w Kigali) by Krzysztof Krauze and Joanna Kos-Krauze, for which she won  several Best Actress Awards in international film festivals such as Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, Gdynia Polish Film Festival, Let’sCEE international film festival and the New York Polish film festival.

In 2020, she was selected to be part of the Chicago International Film Festival's jury in the main competition. 

She trained with the well respected Tunisian theatre director and trainer late Ezzedine Ganoun through the Arab-African centre of training and theatre research of the El-hamra theatre. 

She also trained with Robert Castle of the International Theatre New York.

Her recent work include lead role in the award winning hollywood indie drama "Trees of peace" and second lead role in the sci-fi musical "Neptune Frost" directed by Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman, it premiered at the Cannes Directors Fort night. 

She is currently in the development of a woman show titled "Solas" under the direction and conception of the Brazilian theatre director and researcher, Fernanda Aerais. 

Eliane is represented in France by Sebastien Perrolat - Agence Time Art; In the UK Ireland,US and EU by Brooks Agency and Agency Gudejko in Poland.


"Trees of peace" | Alanna Brown | 2021

Lead: Annick

"Neptune Frost" | Saul Williams & Anisia Uzeyman| 2021

Second Lead: Memory

"Birds are singing in Kigali" | Krzystof Krauze & Joanna Kos Krauze | 2017

Lead: Claudine

"Things of the aimless wanderer"| Kivu Ruhorahoza | 2015


"Burundian and Syrian monologues" | Premiere at the Ubumuntu Arts Festival - Adaptation and directing

"Le talisman brisé" | Radio France Internationale - Kinyarwanda actors directing

"Sakwe" radio soap opera | Written and broadcasted by Girl Effect | Season 1 & 2 - Casting, Actors training and co-directing

Supporting: Bartender

"Behind the word"| Clementine Dusabejambo | 2013

Supporting: Colette's mother


"We call it love" (Alternating with Carole Karemera) | Ishyo arts centre| Written by Felwine Sarr|Dir. by Denis Mpunga and Carole Karemera

"Bridge of roses" | Mashirika creative company | Written and directed by Hope Azeda

"Numa ceceka" | One-man show | Written by Phoebe Mutetsi| Dir. by Eliane Umuhire


Alexander technique - Jean louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad - Berlinale talents 2021

Organic theatre acting training - Afro-arabic centre of theatre research - El Hamra Theatre Tunis

Method acting - Robert Castle Method - International Theatre New York

"Ma petite colline" | Ishyo arts centre| Written by Nicolas Gregoire| Dir. by Carole Karemera and Hasiba Halili

"Hagati yacu" | Uz &Coutumes and Ishyo arts centre | Written and directed by Dalila Boitaud

"Our house" | Ishyo arts centre & Helios theatre | Written by ensemble cast and Stephen Moor | Dir. by Barbara Kölling and Carole Karemera

"Pambazuka" | Mashrika creative company | Hope Azeda

"Africa's hope" | Mashirika creative company | Hope Azeda

"Planet Kigali" | Political bodies | Dorcy Rugamba and Jens Dietrich | Choreographed by Yolanda Gutierez

"Les enfants d'amazi" |Theatre du papyrus & Ishyo arts centre | Written from an original idea of Rivaldo Nizigiye | Bernard Chemin, Denis Mpunga and Carole Karemera

"Ejo n'ejo bundi" | Uz et coutumes | Dalila Boitaud