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  • AUGURE by Baloji, awarded at Cannes Festival 2023 with the new voice award, Valois of the best director at Angouleme Francophone film festival and picked as the belgian entry for the OSCARS 2024.

In the pipeline


Dans le viseur ( Post - prod) by Andre Techine.

With Isabelle HUPPERT , Mustafa Mbegue

Planete B ( Post - prod) by Aude Lea Rapin. With Adele Exarchopolus , Souheila Yacoub, India Hair

A quiet place Day One ( Post - prod) by Michael Snaroski. With Lupin Nyong'o, Alex Wolf, Joseph Quit, Djimon Honsou


De Grace (ARTE TV) by Vincent CARDONNA. With Olivier Gourmet, Astrid Whetnall, Margot Bancillot. 

Short films

Les Malsouvenues  by Antoine Heraly

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